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Vowels and Diphthongs

The vowel sounds in Scottish Standard English (SSE) man, pen, bit and bus, are usually spelled simply a, e, i and u. For other vowels and diphthongs, the following spellings are found:

ipa 306 or ipa 305 as in SSE caught can be spelled -au- glaur
-aw- braw
-aa- faap

For some words, 3 variants spelled -a, -aw and -aa are possible: a, aw, aa (all); ca, caw, caa; fa, faw, faa.

ipa 302 as in SSE gate can be spelled -ae- brae, shae
-ai- sair
-a-e- hame

The -ae ending is used to represent the sound in negative verb endings, eg cannae, dinnae, winnae, and in the suffix -fae (= English '-ful'), eg carefae, moothfae.

ipa 301 as in SSE seen can be spelled -ei- dreich
-ie- scrieve
-ee- flee

ipa 307 as in SSE coat can be spelled -o- stot (in some dialects)
-oa- boak
-o-e- thole

ipa 308 as in SSE shoe can be spelled -ou- drouth, toun
-oo- coo

ipa 310 can be spelled -ui- spuin, buik
-u-e- guse

ipa 314ipa 308 as in SSE cow can be spelled -ow- dowp, gowd
-owe in final position: growe, thowe,
-ou- also possible in: cowp / coup,
lowp / loup, smowt / smout

ipa 304ipa 319 as in SSE eye can be spelled -y-e- kye
-i-e- guise, rise

ipa 322ipa 301 as in SSE bite can be spelled -y-e- gyte, byke

ipa 153ipa 308 as in SSE feud can be spelled -eu- teuch