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Most consonant sounds (including combinations like sh for ipa 134 and th for ipa 130 and ipa 131) are spelled as in Standard English. But note the following:

ipa 140 as in SSE loch now normally -ch- (rather than -gh-) heuch

Although -ch is now the usual spelling for the sound at the end of loch etc, the historical -gh spelling is also sometimes found, eg in placenames such as Muircleugh.

ipa 103ipa 134 as in SSE much can be spelled -tch- or -ch- fleetch / fleech
ch-in initial position: chack

-l(d) / -n(d) ending:

The following words have variant endings with either -n or -nd: roon / roond; staun / staund
-l or -ld: mool / moold; spaul / spauld