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Dialects of Scots

Scots has many dialects.

In Shetland and Orkney, there is strong Scandinavian influence.

Mainland Scotland has three main dialect divisions: Northern, Central and Southern. One feature of Northern, especially in the North-Eastern area, is the use of f- where other dialects have wh-, as in fa (wha), fit (whit). Central is further divided into East Central (north and south of the Forth), West Central (Glasgow and surrounding area) and South-West (mainly Dumfries and Galloway). Southern covers most of the Borders area.

Scots is also spoken in Ulster, the result of many crossings of the waters by populations over the centuries, especially from the settlements of the early 17th century.

Many of these Scots later moved on to North America, where they were known as the Scotch-Irish; their language has added significant Scots features to some North American dialects, especially in Appalachia and some southern states.