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Whether you are speaking, reading or writing in Scots, we have a Scots dictionary to suit your needs.

If you want the complete history of Scots at your fingertips the Concise Scots Dictionary is for you. This single volume provides detailed, comprehensive information on the Scots language from its beginnings. No self-respecting Scots bookshelf is complete without this book.

If you are looking for a modern and accessible bilingual dictionary of English and Scots, consider the Essential Scots Dictionary. This dictionary is ideal for use in schools and is convenient for straightforward translation from English to Scots or from Scots to English.

The Pocket Scots Dictionary is very economically-priced but carries all the authority of SLD.

There may be occasions where you need just the right Scots word. The Scots Thesaurus provides a fascinating collection of words organised by subject, so if you are looking for words to do with cooking, the weather or holidays, this is the resource for you. For creative writers it is both useful and inspirational.

When you need to investigate the history of Scots, turn to the bedrock of Scottish lexicography. All 22 volumes of A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (-1700) and The Scottish National Dictionary (1700-) are available free of charge on the Dictionary of the Scots Language website. Yet there are also times when a printed volume is preferable to a screen, and A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue would grace any reference shelf.