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Essential Scots Dictionary Originally produced by the Scottish National Dictionary Association and published as the Scots School Dictionary from 1996-2003, this dictionary is ideal for use by students of all ages. It is also a useful compact reference book for anyone seeking information on modern Scots. In the interests of making the language more accessible to those unfamiliar with Scottish vocabulary and idioms, it is a convenient two-way dictionary that provides translations both from Scots into English and from English into Scots.

For example, in the English section we find:

scream v skirl, skraich, skelloch
shriek v skirl, skraich, skelloch
and in the Scots section, the corresponding entries:
skelloch1 v shriek, scream, cry.
skirl v 1 scream, screech, shriek; cry or sing shrilly. 2 (of bagpipes etc) make a shrill sound. 3 crackle, sputter; (especially in frying) sizzle.
skraich v screech, shriek, scream.

The Essential Scots Dictionary provides:

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