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The Concise Scots Dictionary (CSD)

The Concise Scots Dictionary is the ideal Scots reference work for the reader, learner, speaker or student of the Scots language, and contains a wealth of information on the history, pronunciation and geographical distribution of Scots vocabulary from its beginning to the present day. It also contains much valuable material relating to Scotland and its culture and is an invaluable guide for all those with an interest in the history of the country, its people and their way of life.

Concise Scots Dictionary In 1976, the Scottish National Dictionary (SND) was completed, giving the Scottish National Dictionary Association the opportunity to consider new publications. Although the 10-volume SND was available for consultation in many public and University libraries, it was nevertheless still rather difficult to access, and expensive for an individual to purchase. Consequently, it was agreed that the Association would produce an accessible and commercially viable one-volume dictionary for use by the wider public.

Drawing from the completed SND and the then incomplete Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (for which editorial work had reached the letter P) the Concise Scots Dictionary was to become a distillation of the rich data in SND and DOST. Since DOST covered the period from the twelfth century to the seventeenth, and SND covered 1700 to the mid-twentieth century, CSD brought the core ingredients of both together to create a desk dictionary that encapsulates the entire history of the Scots language. The editorial team was directed by Dr Mairi Robinson, a former senior editor of SND, with DOST editor Prof. A. J. Aitken as editorial consultant. CSD was published in 1985.

The Concise Scots Dictionary contains

The CSD is now being revised by SLD's editorial team. If you would like to contribute to its production, please consider sponsoring a word.

Reviewers' Comments

This admirable book... makes accessible to a larger public the material contained in the many volumes of the Scottish National Dictionary and the (still incomplete) Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue. It has been put together with much care, and packs a great deal of information (for example, time-span of usage, geographical distribution) into its entries, through space-saving abbreviations and minimal punctuation.

Edwin Morgan, Times Literary Supplement

Every now and then a newly fashioned work, something that nobody had counted on, appears. The Concise Scots Dictionary is just such a book ... [a] meticulously edited dictionary, a patriotic storehouse of Lowland Scots.

Robert Burchfield, Scottish Literary Journal

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