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Scottish Language Dictionaries' International Newsletter

Autumn 2010

Our speciality is the Scots language and the aim of our International Newsletter is to spread the word about the resources we provide for everyone interested in Scotland's linguistic culture. In every issue you will find a profile of a Scots word, one which you might like to use yourself, and articles showing how Scots language manifests itself in modern Scotland.

In Issue 8:

Scottish Language Dictionaries

SLD News:
Work continues on our various lexicographical projects, and SLD has been represented at conferences and meetings. Read more details here... [more]

Scots Word: pernicketie
Would you mind being described as pernicketie? Read more about this word, which was originally Scots and has become part of standard English... [more]

fishing boat

Scottish Traditions: fishing
Do you know what siller darlins are? And why are names like this used? Find out here about some traditions relating to fishing... [more]

Scottish Language: getting to the bottom of the chanty?
Alison Grant and Pauline Cairns Speitel with a new slant on the name of the lowly chanty... [more]

Tam o' Shanter manuscript

Destination Scotland: The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
The first museum to use the Scots language in the main exhibition text has opened its doors to visitors... [more]

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