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Scottish Language Dictionaries' International Newsletter

October, 2008

Our specialty is the Scots language and the aim of our International Newsletter is to spread the word about the resources we provide for everyone interested in Scotland's linguistic culture. In every issue you'll find a profile of a Scots word, one which you might like to use yourself, and we'll also be sending you articles showing how Scots language manifests itself in modern Scotland.

In Issue 4:

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Scots Word: Hoasts and neests Make yourself a hot drink and get out your snochterdichter – Autumn colds are on the way, and Christine Robinson offers some traditional remedies for that awful hoast and annoying sneeshin. ... [more]

SLD News The last six months have seen a host of changes at Scottish Language Dictionaries. Have a look at the SLD News page to keep in touch. ... [more]

Scottish Traditions: Halloween In Scotland, the customs around Halloween are similar to North American customs in many respects but there are a few important differences. Our children did not traditionally go 'trick or treating' (although many of them are starting to use this phrase). Instead, they go guising. Find out ... [more]

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Scottish Language and Literature: The Association for Scottish Literary Studies aims to promote the study, teaching and writing of Scottish literature, and to further the study of the languages of Scotland. ... [more]

The Shetland Bus at sea
Secret Destinations: The Shetland Bus in Scalloway On the night of April 8-9th 1940, Germany attacked Norway. This neutral country was taken by surprise and was unable to resist. King Haakon and his government decided that the best course of action was to move to Britain and continue to fight from there. ... [more]

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