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Welcome to our second International Newsletter

Our specialty is language, the Scots language to be specific, and the aim of our International Newsletter is to spread the word about the resources we provide for everyone interested in Scotland's linguistic culture. In every issue you'll find a profile of a Scots word, one which you might like to use yourself, and we'll also be sending you articles showing how Scots language manifests itself in modern Scotland. You can find Scots:

All the articles in Issue Two are listed below, so just click on the links to get started ...

In this issue:

coverScots Word If someone accuses you of giving them a richt fleg, how should you react? Dr Christine Robinson, Director of SLD, tells you how to cope.

Scots Lexicography Dictionaries are a reflection of the language people use, not a rule book that tells people how to speak — did you ever wonder how we find out for our dictionaries what kind of language people are using? Read Scottish Language Dictionaries' Word Collection by Senior Editor Pauline Cairns Speitel for some details on how we research the Scots language and what we do with the results.

Scottish Traditions In the 18th & 19th centuries it wasn't easy to keep your sweetheart a secret. Read Bundling for some traditional tips on keeping your courting under wraps.

Town Profile What do Sir Walter Scott, Merlin, and Robert the Bruce have in common? Find out what's so special about Scotland's Border town Melrose that made so many emigrant Scots take the name with them.

crest for St Andrew's Society of
PhiladelphiaScottish America The St Andrew's Society of Philadelphia pride themselves on their history and their philanthropy. With connections to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the US Declaration of Independence, the society has developed their historic Scottish-American connections into funding programmes designed to facilitate international contact through education. See what else they get up to and be sure to get in touch if you'd like more details.

Scottish Festivals If you want to know more about Scotland's authors, or see how well Scotland's vibrant literary culture fits in with the best the rest of the world has to offer, there's no better destination for you next August than the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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