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Scottish Language Dictionaries' International Newsletter

Spring 2011

Our speciality is the Scots language and the aim of our International Newsletter is to spread the word about the resources we provide for everyone interested in Scotland's linguistic culture. In every issue you will find a profile of a Scots word, one which you might like to use yourself, and articles showing how Scots language manifests itself in modern Scotland.

In Issue 9:

Scottish Language Dictionaries

SLD News
Work continues on our various lexicographical projects, our revamped Scuilwab has been launched, and one of our staff has received an award... [more]

Scots Word: stour
You can guarantee that clearing out and tidying up always creates a lot of stour... [more]


Scottish Traditions: the poor-oot
Do you know what a poor-oot is? Or maybe you know it as a scatter or a scramble... [more]

St Andrews sunset

Destination Scotland: St Andrews
Henry Gratwick on the attractions of this ancient town... [more]

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