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Scottish Language Dictionaries' International Newsletter

April, 2008

Our specialty is the Scots language and the aim of our International Newsletter is to spread the word about the resources we provide for everyone interested in Scotland's linguistic culture. In every issue you'll find a profile of a Scots word, one which you might like to use yourself, and we'll also be sending you articles showing how Scots language manifests itself in modern Scotland.

In Issue 3:

Scots Word: Cloot Neer cast a cloot till mey be oot is very useful advice for this time of year; Christine Robinson discusses various uses for your cloot. [more]

Scottish Placenames cover
New Scots Say It In Scots is SLD's new series of pocket-sized books, perfect for anyone interested in the language and customs of Scotland. Four titles were published in April 2008, including Scottish Placenames, which takes you around the country from Dumfries to Shetland to explain the meanings of the places that make up today’s Scotland, and Scottish Weather which is, like the Scots language, rich in variety, full of lights and shades, drama, romance and beauty. And at least when it rains the Scots tongue has myriad words to cheer you up while you are getting drenched ... [more]

2008: A Year for Celebration! The year 2008 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of a pivotal work of Scots lexicography: John Jamieson's Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language was first published in two volumes in 1808, with its two-volume Supplement following in 1825. Lists of Scots words had been compiled before... [more]

Scottish Traditions There were a number of superstitions and beliefs associated with a new baby. For one thing, it was bad luck to call the baby by its name before it was christened ... [more]

The Bottle Imp's bottle
Scottish Literature Launched on 1 May 2007 and published twice-yearly, The Bottle Imp ezine includes a combination of regular columns and original features by Scottish authors and academics. We want to explore what Scottish writing really is, from its background and cultural development, and subsequent influence on other nations' philosophy and literature, to the internationality of Scotland as a concept. ... [more]

Scottish Music Traditions: The Recorder in Scotland In Scotland the recorder has been noted as a popular amateur instrument from as early as the 17th century. The recorder was a sociable instrument since it fitted into orchestras and ensembles ... [more]

The Scottish Korean War Memorial front gates
Secret Destinations: The Scottish Korean War Memorial At the south-west corner of Beecraigs Country Park in West Lothian, nestling among the Bathgate, is a small pantiled wooden pagoda. Around it lies a garden landscaped with the Ying and Yang which appear on the Korean flag and this garden is planted with one hundred and ten Korean pine trees, ... [more]

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