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The Oral Collection Scheme

Contributions to the Oral Collection Scheme are central to the National Word Collection Although Scots is well-represented in various publications, which we monitor through our Reading Scheme, a speaker's use of language is often very different from the way an author uses language in writing. Collecting examples of Scots as it is used by speakers offers us a unique view of how Scots is used.

Volunteers for the scheme use our Informant Forms to record words or expressions that they

If you think you might like to become an oral informant for SLD, have a look through the Notes and Forms for Oral Informants. These are the instructions for recording oral information so that we get your information in a format that is easiest for us to use.

Our current informants tell us how much they enjoy chatting to their friends and families about the words they use during every day life! And we find this kind of information invaluable. If you'd like more information, or to start recording Scots for SLD right away, contact Pauline Cairns Speitel at SLD.

Feel free to print off as many copies of the forms as you think you might need and remember that you can contact us at any time if you have questions.