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New Edition of the Concise Scots Dictionary

How do you get twenty-two large dictionary volumes into one convenient and accessible book? This is the challenge facing SLD.

The Concise Scots Dictionary was originally published in 1985 and it has been a best-seller ever since. Available at a very reasonable price, it is the definitive one-volume dictionary of Scots language. CSD provides the complete history of the Scots language, distilled from the 10-volume Scottish National Dictionary and the 12-volume Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue.

The lexicography of a living language is never truly finished, and since CSD was first published the Scots language has continued to evolve. We continue to monitor the development of modern Scots through our Word Collection and over the last twenty-one years have added considerably to our record. A more inclusive approach to the vocabulary of Orkney and Shetland has been adopted for the second edition of CSD, with the result that we will improve our coverage of these vibrant dialects of Scots. Furthermore, the second half of A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, constituting several weighty tomes published between 1985 and 2002, was not available when the original CSD was produced. These volumes will allow us to enhance the new CSD with a complete record of Old and Middle Scots.

We have even more changes in mind for this new edition! We have conducted a year-long survey of users of the CSD and come up with a plan to make the new dictionary more informative, attractive and user-friendly.

We estimate that the project will take five years but this is dependent on our funding. A new edition for a dictionary is a complicated and labour-intensive task. We need your help to take this vitally important project forward. Please remember that every contribution helps. You can become a Member, make a Donation or Sponsor a Word.