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The following people and organisations have sponsored Scots words.

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Annicker's midden-Andrew Weir
Awa-Margaret Sivewright
Bahookie-Comely Park Primary School, Falkirk
Bahookie-Briony Mair
Bairn-David Miroslav Fitt
Barm-Gregor Campbell
Bauchle-Alison Rennie
Bawbee-Gifted to Jean Anderson
Bealach-Gifted to Dr Steve Kelly
Bejant-The Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council
Besom-Shona Campbell
Beyrd-Gift sponsorship
Bidie-in-Jim Cowey
Bield-Kenneth Mackenzie
Birdalane-Eilidh M. Scobbie
Bissum-Marsha Scott
Blether-Helen MacDougall
Blether-Gift sponsorship
Bletherskate-Christian Kay
Bogle-Gift sponsorship
Bonny-Gift sponsorship
Bosie-In memory of our mum - Mary Torjussen
Bothy-David Simmonds
Bourach-Gift in memory of Mrs Georgina Mackay
Brae-Gifted to Catherine McDonald
Braw and weel-Gift sponsorship
Breenge-Ian McGhee
Breid-Robert Dunn
Buckie-Bob Philip
Bumfle-Gift sponsorship
Caird-Gift in memory of Mrs Patricia May Mair
Carnaptious-William Mack
Champ-Gifted to Henry Gratwick
Clanjamfrie-Eileen Cowey
Cloakin-William Mack
Cloot-Gift sponsorship
Cock-a-leekie-Gift sponsorship
Contermacious-Colin Stuart
Convener-Gifted to Professor Christian Kay
Coorie-Gift sponsorship
Corrydander-Gift sponsorship
Corrieneuchin-Rab Wilson
Corrydander-Gift sponsorship
Coupit-David Mair
Couthie-Nanette Muir
Coverture-Eilidh Melvin Scobbie
Crabbit-Andrew Anderson
Craik-John Mitchell
Crammasie-Gwen Enstam
Crannog-Robert Y Pettigrew
Crochled-Gift sponsorship
Crony-Ken Johnston
Cunigar-Mid Calder Community Council
Curragh-Winter David Warden
Dackle-Gift in memory of Mr George Mair
Dayligaun-Jennifer Thomson
Deochandorus-Gift sponsorship
Dichter-Gift sponsorship
Disjaskit-Alison Cowey
Dominie-Scott A J Peter
Donal-Donald Macdonald
Dreep-Mary McParland
Dreich-Gift sponsorship
Drouthy-Ken Johnston
Dug-St. Elizabeth's Primary School, Hamilton
Dumfounert-Don Boyle
Dunderheid-Mr and Mrs R Cramond
Dunt-Gifted to Angela Blacklock-Brown, in memory of Julia
Eechie ochie-Gift sponsorship
Eejit-Jeremy Smith
Eh-Melissa C Y T McClellan
Eident-Gifted to Jim Tough
Ettle-Timothy Robert Cairns
Ettle-Gift sponsorship
Fankle-Iain Matheson
Fankled-Deirdre Forsyth, in memory of Jean Forsyth
Fantoosh-Fantoosh Fish
Feckfu-Bruce McKenzie
Fitba-Gifted to the Tartan Army
Fleg-Neil Stephen
Flit-Sigrid Clerk
Footer-Rory Parker
Fouth-Douglas and Charlotte Hunter
Furth-Elizabeth Thomson
Fyke-Colin McCredie
Gae thegither-Lisa and Nicholas Forde
Gallivaster-Gift sponsorship
Gallus-Altaf Ishiq
Gallus-Gift sponsorship
Galoshans-Aileymill Primary School, Greenock
Garron-Lorna Pike
Gawcey-Janet M Bishop
Gillygacus-Peter Ottery
Glaur-Myra Rowan
Gleg-Jane Morgan
Gleg-Gifted to Grange Academy, Kilmarnock
Gowan-Gift sponsorship
Gowden-Gift sponsorship
Gowf-Michael G Thomson
Graip-Kenneth Mackenzie
Grammariar-Jeremy Smith
Guddle-Claire Anderson
Haggis-Joy Fraser
Hain-Jennifer Thomson
Haknay-Gifted to Marace Dareau
Halliracket-Tom Sommerville
Handsel-Gift sponsorship
Heeliegoleerie-Fenella Cowey
Himsel-Gift sponsorship
Hinny-Gift sponsorship
Hirple-Jim Cowey
Homologate-Gifted to Bill Aitken
Houghmagandie-Alex Norton
Inch-Gift sponsorship
Ingan-Dave Morris
Iper-Gift in memory of Mr Stanley Hall
Itchy-coo-Mid Calder Community Council
Jalouse-Senga Munro
Jambos-Gift sponsorship
Jam-tart-Gift sponsorship
Jam-tarts-Gift sponsorship
Jiggin-Carrick Knowe Primary School, Edinburgh
Jimp-Angus Campbell
Jink-Elizabeth Thomson
John o' Groats Buckie-Gift sponsorship
Kaim-Mid Calder Community Council
Keech-Cathy Marshall
Keech-Heather McDonald
Ken-Graeme Gordon
Ken-Morgan Academy, Dundee
Kenning-Hamish Scott
Kerfuffle-Gift sponsorship
Kittle-Steve and Maggie Pearcy
Lad o' pairts-Gift sponsorship
Leal-In memory of Iseabail Macleod
Leeterarie-Gifted to Alexander McCall Smith
Leid-Gifted to Dr Alasdair Allan
Licht-Gift sponsorship
Loch-Gifted to John Sandham
Long island-Gifted to Nanna Drury
Loon-Graham Caie
Loun-Gift sponsorship
Lowp-Chris Robinson
Maital-Gift sponsorship
Mak siccar-Gift sponsorship
Moderator-Gift sponsorship
Moffat Measure-Gift sponsorship
Moger-William Mack
Moppat-Susan F G Forde
Numpty-Arnot McDonald
Nyaff-Ian Hamilton QC
Onwurdilie-George Neil
Oo-Olga Szczesnowicz
Oose-Jim Monk
Outwith-Ernie Anderson
Oxter-Margaret Munro
Pan loaf-Andrew Weir
Peedie-Gift in memory of Mrs Isobel Mary Hall
Perjink-Archie Foley
Plaid-Gifted to Patryk Golebiowski
Plowter-Jane Anderson
Powny-Marace Dareau
Primar-Jeremy Smith
Pus-Daphne M T T McClellan
Queanie-Isobel Duguid
Quine-Gifted to Elaine Webster
Rinnin-Gift sponsorship
Sassenach-Jane Stuart Smith
Scober-Martin Brough
Scooth-Mary McGowan in memory of Annie Murray
Scriever-Gift sponsorship
Scunner-Pauline Maridor
Semmit-Alan Mitchell
Sheltie-Amy Smith
Sheugh-Gift sponsorship
Shin-In memoriam
Shinty-Oban Camanachd Club
Shologie-Ewan Campbell
Shoogly-In memory of Elizabeth Scott
Shoormil-Christine Johnson
Siller-Gift sponsorship
Skedaddle-Gift sponsorship
Skelp-Gift sponsorship
Skint-Newarthill Credit Union Motherwell
Skirlie-Ian Donald
Slaister-Pauline Maridor
Slamp-Kenneth Mackenzie
Smeddum-Carol Jackson
Smeddum-In memory of Margo MacDonald
Smeddum-Gift sponsorship
Smirr-John Thomson
Snell-Kenneth Mackenzie
Snotter-William Mack
Speerack-Gift sponsorship
Spoucher-Sir Donald Maclean
Stot-Gift sponsorship
Stoussie-Gift sponsorship
Stramash-Gift sponsorship
Stravaig-Anne R. McNicol
Stravaigin-Stravaigin restaurant, Glasgow
Stushie-Alison Cowey
Swadge-Andy Johnson
Swither-J A T Hutson
Tanner ba-Gift sponsorship
Tappietourie-Gift sponsorship
Tapsalteerie-Archie Foley
Tattie-bogle-Alan Howie
Thesaurer-Gifted to Mr Jim Lonie
Toley-Pauline Cairns
Toley-Gift sponsorship
Towtie-In memory of Margaret Brown
Trig-Evelyn McPake, in memory of her father
Trig-Janet Dunsmuir
Um-Sciennes Primary School, Edinburgh
Vennel-Cameron Campbell
Waggity-Wa-Frances Simmonds
Wee-Christina Owen
Weel-faured-John Michie
Wheesht-Stefan Wyroslawski
Wheesht-Kenneth Mackenzie
Whirliwha-Sandy Howie
Whitterick-Alison Thomson
Whuppity scoorie-William Mack
Widdershins-Gift sponsorship
Willie-waught-David Beckett
Wittens-Scots Language Resource Centre
Word-Gift in memory of Christian Kay
Writer-The W S Society